Elena Vladimir Baranoff
Fine Art 

Through my art I wish to connect with people on a deep emotional level and awaken beauty and poetry in their souls, for I believe it is the purpose of an artist to serve the everlasting values – goodness, graciousness and love. 

Elena Vladimir Baranoff




Egg Tempera, 24 ct. Yellow Gold, 12 ct. White Gold, 20 ct. Dark Lemon Gold, 

23 ct. Moonlight Gold  on Marble Gesso on a Basswood Panel. 

15" x 20" inches 

2005 - 2014

Private Collection

A  double-sided portrait of fine artist Anastasia Elena Baranoff, daughter of the artist, was created by Elena Vladimir Baranoff in her signature technique of hand prepared egg tempera, incorporating ground rare semi-precious stones as lapis lazuli and natural mineral and earth pigments. The delicate floral border, text and ornamentation were painted by the hand of the artist in 24 ct. yellow gold, 12 ct. white gold, 20 ct. dark lemon gold and 23 ct. moonlight gold. The portrait was painted on a specially formulated marble gesso surface on a custom-made, curved basswood (linden wood) panel designed by the artist.

Copyright © Elena Vladimir Baranoff 

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 Portrait Painting In Detail.

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