"Awakening" A Self-Portrait By Elena Vladimir Baranoff

Genuine Egg Tempera On Board

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning American fine artist Elena Vladimir Baranoff, creates original artworks, from imaginative fine art compositions to portraits, in her highly innovative genuine egg tempera technique, arising out of years of experimentation and experience. A fine art storyteller, Elena presents her novel style of inspired expression in each and every painting.

Distinguished as a Master of Fine Arts in miniature painting from Palekh Art College, a legendary academic institution renowned for its 20th century Russian fine art movement, Elena began her professional journey working as a young master of miniature art in the genuine medium of egg tempera at the State Palekh Creative Art Studios, an art organization directly sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Culture. 

Elena's artistic vision led her to discover new venues for her art and in 1991, following a creative voyage to Vienna, Austria, she accepted an invitation from an American oil heiress to introduce her talent to fine art collectors in the United States. 

During the 1990's Elena was a guest of honor at leading art galleries across America, where she showcased her paintings and demonstrated her superb art vision.

Pronounced as an Ambassador of Good Will, Elena was made Honorary Citizen of Wichita Falls, Texas, as proclaimed by the authority of the people of Wichita Falls, and sealed by the city's Mayor.

In 1995, the Government of the United States of America granted Elena official permanent residence as an artist with extraordinary ability.

For over twenty five years Elena has created her unique art in the beautiful surroundings of Northern and Southern California. 

Her one of a kind paintings have been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., Leepa-Ratner Museum of Art in Florida, Gulf Coast Museum in Florida, Springfield Art Museum in Missouri, in addition to leading US art galleries. 

Elena has extensively exhibited in the United Kingdom, at the National Portrait Gallery in London, Dean Gallery of the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh, Southampton City Art Gallery, Mall Galleries, and at other fine art venues. 

Her professional profile is featured in Who’s Who In Art-Biographies of Leading Men and Women in the World of Art in Britain Today. 

Elena's  rare works of art are housed in prominent private fine art collections in the USA and around the world, including the British Royal Collection of His Majesty King Charles III. 

Over the years, Elena developed her own new style and technique of painting, perfecting and championing the fascinating genuine egg tempera fine art medium in our modern society. From creative compositions to portrait paintings, each of her mesmerizing artworks is destined to be treasured for generations.

In 2013 Elena founded Egg Tempera Movement together with fellow fine artist Anastasia Elena Baranoff, in an effort to revitalize and promote the rare fine art tradition of painting in genuine egg tempera.

As a natural continuation of her visual art practice, Elena is acting as co-screenwriter/director/producer of "The Portrait", an upcoming feature film adaptation of the short story by celebrated author and playwright Nikolai Gogol.